Art and technic are the domains of Frédéric Ariel Courbet.

Architect of the Rome Facolty, he has exercised as a liberal. Then Professor, he has teached construction and urbanism. He has made various stayings and travels in foreign countries: North Africa, where he was born in 1941, Canada, United-States, England. By now, he divides his time between Rome and Nice where he lives. Painting, sculpture and drawing are the passion of his childhood. In a constant search of a fusion of the "soft" and the "rigid", of intuitive art and science, of rational knowledge and its tecnical expression.


"2000 years under the sea" Capri - 1995 - Oil on canvas

The search of plastic and technology: it is in this context that spreads an unity of work in all his artistic works. In a constant study, he grasps the moment when the image strikes and trasmitt hitself. It is the instantaneous water-colour, which, on the spot, is immediate, flashing of movements, of space and light. He always has, on himself a small and compact artist's materials, ready to be used to grasp the moment. His works, realised "on the spot", pencils drawing, inks, o water-colours are often, little, impromptu, that later develop themselves, increase in a larger space, or even a third dimension. Such a pursuit of a serious expression brings him to refuse the difusion and the sale in spite of numerous proposals and various private exhibitions. He dedicates himself to research, art and architecture, plastic expression, science of the sign and of communication.Drawing, painting and sculpture bring him to a tecnological, semiological and arttistic fusion.

His point of departure is water-colour but the principle that guides his line of development uses various tecnics (soluble phase, pencil, classical tecnic, under-pression jet...silkscreen painting, mortar, water-colour, gouache, pastel, clay...). The main aspect of this orientation can be contained in three elements, on the pictural level: the line- the shade, the force of the impact.